Bello by Daniel Ross

Rustic Meets Modern in New Gentleman’s Barber Shop

A new barbershop opens next to Verona Inn with incredible history and elevated design aesthetic By: Jaclyn Isaac, Interior Designer and Blogger, www.dogladydesignfiles.com If you’ve passed by the Verona Inn lately, you’ve probably noticed a new business popping up, with some pretty cool chairs in the window, and the equivalent of a light show at night. Bello by Daniel Ross is a gentleman’s barbershop located on Bloomfield Avenue in the heart of Verona. Those antique chairs from the 1920’s prompted


Bello by Daniel Ross

A Special Thanks

Upon creating the Bello By Daniel Ross Blog it seems only right to start off by thanking the extraordinary people who’ve made it possible. I would first like to start off by thanking the most important people, my parents Debbie and Dennis. They have worked hard their entire lives to provide me with the guidance, wisdom, principals, education and support system needed to create my dream business. Their dedication as parents is the reason I am where I am today